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At Whitby & Co. Optician, we take great pride in ensuring that our customers receive the most up-to-date technology in their lenses.

Being an independent optician, we have the ability to source lenses from any bespoke glasses lens providers, including Essilor, Hoya, Nikon, Tokai and Ziess.


Although we can supply lenses from a variety of manufacturers, Nikon is our in-house brand for our glasses lenses. We are proud to provide Nikon lenses as they are designed in Japan but manufactured in the UK. The Nikon lab is based in Milton Keynes, meaning they can provide excellent customer service as well as a Fast Track and Super-Fast Track service to make bespoke lenses within 48 hours if required.

  • With over 100 years of experience in optical glass manufacturing, Nikon has upheld a heritage of uncompromised performance and unparalleled quality.
  • Combining clear and thin materials with sharp designs and high-performance coatings, Nikon lenses provide wearers with an outstanding quality of vision.
  • Nikon has been involved in the development of materials for a wide range of optical products to meet a wide array of needs. Thanks to this know-how, Nikon is known for producing some of the thinnest and clearest ophthalmic lenses.
  • Nikon’s advanced technologies in precision and customisation are an essential part of ophthalmic lens design to give you clearer, sharper and distortion-free vision.
  • Coatings help control light and reduce reflections, along with the aim of repelling water and oil, preventing static electricity and improving scratch resistance. In the case of spectacle lenses, cleaner, clearer, sharper and more durable lenses are brought by Nikon’s coating technologies.

Nikon’s newest and most advanced lens

Seecoat Next coating is Nikon’s newest and most advanced lens, featuring Diamond Booster technology for increased durability and scratch resistance, as well as providing smudge and dust resistance and anti-reflection and UV protection.

Nikon are so confident in the quality of their lenses, they provide an 18-month warranty against scratches on all of the following lenses:

To tailor the Seecoat Next coating to your lifestyle, Nikon provides the following specialised coatings:

Seecoat Next Blue

Effectively reduces blue light while maintaining high transmittance of other wavelengths, providing a natural perception of colour

Minimised Blue Reflection: Reflections are reduced to provide a more natural look suited for daily use

Front & Back Surface UV Protection: Anti-reflective technology cuts UV rays from both sides of the lens

Recommended for: Patients who are digital devices users

Seecoat Next Drive

Minimises Light Reflections and Glare: The Glare Reduction Filter minimises the reflection of green light, outlines light sources and reflective objects, and reduces the sensation of glare

Day & Night Solution: Offers superior vision in both day and night, providing the optimal solution for any time of the day

Enhanced Protection: Includes the premium SeeCoat™ Next Coatings protective benefits

Recommended for: patients suffering from glare in dim and dark conditions

Seecoat Reveal

Precise Contrast – Shorter wavelengths of light are filtered to reduce the light scattering and to augment the distinction of contrast and details in different light conditions

Vivid Colours -Contrast Boost Technology shifts the eye’s luminance in dim light, so reds which may usually appear duller are perceived as warmer and closer to their true colour

Light Protection -Light Purification Technology embeds molecules within the lens to intelligently filter and absorb UV and part of the blue light1 spectrum from both indoor and outdoor light sources

Recommended for: Patients over 40 years old who struggle with contrast, brightness, reading or spotting finer details in dim light conditions

Very good annual check by experienced and friendly lady optician.
I have been a client for many years which is I think testimony to the worth of the organisation.
Daniel Gowan – Whitby & Co. Patient
My opticians for years, the service is 5 star, every time. The team is highly knowledgeable and takes great care in all it does. Great choice of specs, too.
Emma Mugridge – Whitby & Co. Patient
A friendly welcome and most important reliable service keeps me returning to Whitby & Co for my optical requirements and most recently I got my holiday jabs done in the same visit with their travel clinic.
Thank you. I'll be back.
Julie Gourgey – Whitby & Co. Patient
Fabulous! Super comprehensive eye exam, extremely attentive and answered all of my questions and really reassured me about any concerns I had.
10/10 recommend!
Lauren Warner – Whitby & Co. Patient
Whitby & Co have been my opticians for 20 years and their service has never been anything less than excellent.
Matt P – Whitby & Co. Patient

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