An American brand, Moscot has been a symbol of New York City style since 1915, when new immigrant Hyman Moscot started selling glasses on the Lower East Side.

The poster of giant eyes and glasses outside the original Moscot shop on Rivington Street, near the Williamsburg Bridge, is thought to have inspired the looming billboard in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’.  These days the fifth generation of the Moscots is in charge of the now global brand, still blending craftsmanship with a New York vibe.


Moscot designs strike a balance between retro vintage charm and contemporary minimalism.

From classic aviators to the Lemtosh frames Johnny Depp made famous in his 2004 film ‘Secret Window’, Moscot eyewear suits all shapes of face. All their glasses are unisex and will appeal especially if you like being able to tell a good story when asked, “Wow, where did you get those great glasses?”.


No need to buy a separate pair of sunglasses – Moscot makes life simpler for you by producing a line of clip-on sunglass lenses.

Designed to attach quickly and firmly to your Moscot frames, these clip-ons provide instantly stylish sun protection. Whether you’re transitioning from indoors to outdoors or simply seeking a quick change of look, these conveniently versatile accessories smoothly transform your glasses into smart sunglasses.

Explore the clever blend of form and function Moscot clip-on sunglasses offer – a practical and stylish solution not only for when the light gets brighter.


We are an authorised retailer of MOSCOT eyewear.

All our MOSCOT glasses frames can be turned into prescription sunglasses. Book a styling appointment with one of our expert dispensing opticians – who’ll be able to help you find just the right frames to suit you.

Lemtosh – Tortoise

* Available in various colours, and clear or prescription sunglasses.

Miltzen – Vintage Rose

* Available in more colours and clear or prescription sunglasses

Arthur – Sage

* Available in more colours and clear or prescription sunglasses

Frankie – Black – Glasses

* Available in more colours and clear or prescription sunglasses

Boychik – Light Grey

* Available in more colours and clear or prescription sunglasses

Vantz – Ink

* Available in more colours and clear or prescription sunglasses

It is seldom that you find real customer care these days but Whitby & Co went above and beyond in finding the right glasses and lenses for me.
The optometrist and dispensing optician were both hugely knowledgeable and took the time to try different possibilities to find exactly the right solution.
Ed Moore – Whitby & Co. Patient
Fabulous! Super comprehensive eye exam, extremely attentive and answered all of my questions and really reassured me about any concerns I had.
10/10 recommend!
Lauren Warner – Whitby & Co. Patient
Whitby & Co have been my opticians for 20 years and their service has never been anything less than excellent.
Matt P – Whitby & Co. Patient
I was here because of problems with my eye (infection). I was on vacation from Germany and I had to find a doctor very fast. Mrs Lavinia de Souza helped me a lot. It was perfect. She had the newest optical machines and I could see my eyes in 3D at the monitor. She explained me everything very good.
MB – Whitby & Co. Patient

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