If a British eyewear brand announced it was dedicated to spreading joy it might be met with a very British eye-roll. When a Parisian brand does it, however, one can only smile – and not just because its name makes easy peasy sound so delightful when spoken in a French accent.

Izipizi’s route to spreading joy is by crafting affordable glasses that also prioritise sustainability – surely genuinely conducive to delight. With a brand commitment to making people smile and caring for the planet, Izipizi readers embody style, affordability, and eco-consciousness – and at a price that makes feasible the convenience of having several pairs.

ZI Reading Glasses

Who knew longsightedness could seem so stylish? Izipizi reading glasses are suitable if you too are experiencing presbyopia, an ever more common condition resulting in difficulty focusing on anything close-up – whether that’s a text on your phone, the small print on a tub of vitamins or the pages of a book.

Life is in the details, and Izipizi glasses are designed to address this gradual loss of near vision by providing optimal clarity and comfort in the coolest way possible.

Try-on & Go

One of the joys of Izipizi glasses is that being ready-made and available for immediate try-on they’re available for you to take away immediately. Perfect for an on-the-go age.


We are an authorised retailer of Izipizi eyewear.

All our Izipizi glasses are ready-made, which means you can try them on and take them home – all in the same appointment. Joy!

Book a styling appointment with one of our expert dispensing opticians – who’ll help you find just the right frames to suit you.

#B – Navy Blue

#B – Black

#C – Havane

#C – Light Tortoise

#D – Tortoise

#D – Black

Very good annual check by experienced and friendly lady optician.
I have been a client for many years which is I think testimony to the worth of the organisation.
Daniel Gowan – Whitby & Co. Patient
Absolutely excellent service - this is my favourite opticians.
Great customer service - all the staff are welcoming, friendly and engaged.
Maryam the dispensing optician who helped me choose my frames was lovely. Listens to what you like but also gets you to try a few different options that you might not select yourself. In my case, one of which I ended up choosing and am super pleased with :).
The follow up service is also second to none. Highly recommended
Alex S. – Whitby & Co. Patient
I had visual headaches and was booked in as an emergency.
Great service, great advice and will be staying with them for a few years
Raj Kumar – Whitby & Co. Patient
“After an appointment with Whitby & Co I left feeling that they knew my eyes better than me! Their team was excellent in picking me the right lenses and frames to suit my face shape. Thanks again!”
Rodger Davis – Whitby & Co. Patient

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