How to Spot Myopia

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Date added: 23/11/16
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Myopia (near-sightedness) is a condition that is becoming more prevalent globally. Research has shown that due to people spending more time on screens and fewer hours spent outdoors, eyesight will continue to worsen around the world.

If you’re concerned about this common eye condition and want to find out more; how to spot myopia, how to prevent it and how it can be treated – this article provides you with the essential facts.

What is Myopia?

  • When you are myopic or near-sighted, you can see nearby objects clearly, but distant objects are blurred
  • Myopia is a refractive error – it occurs when the light entering the eye does not focus directly on the retina

Who is Affected?

  • Currently, as many as 30-40% of the population in Europe and the US are myopic
  • The condition is typically diagnosed during schools years (when squinting in the classroom for example)
  • In some cases, myopia is genetic
  • There is also a risk associated with close work such as reading and computer use
  • The likelihood of someone becoming myopic increases with the number of years spent in education and the level of educational achievement reached


  • Myopia can be genetic and in these cases, there is little that can be done to prevent the condition
  • In some cases, the onset of myopia can be prevented simply by getting outside. So make sure children get plenty of outdoor time! One extra hour of outdoor time per week can lower chances of contracting the condition by 14.3%

Symptoms of Myopia

  • Far away objects appear blurry
  • Headaches after straining your eyes
  • Needing to squint to see clearly
  • Sitting closer to the television or cinema screen
  • Rubbing eyes frequently


  • Early diagnosis is important to ensure the condition does not detrimentally affect the child
  • An eye care professional can diagnose myopia with an eye examination


  • Contact Lens Therapy can slow the progression of myopia in children
  • Eye Care professionals will often be able to correct myopia through the use of glasses or contact lenses

Booking An Eye Appointment

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Further Reading

For more information about research into the Global Prevalence of Myopia and forecasted trends, you can read more here 


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