Warnings Against Use of Novelty Contact Lenses for Halloween & more

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Date added: 23/10/17
Author: Optical Team

How safe are novelty contact lenses?

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of the year. And for many, the thrill of dressing up in elaborate costumes is the highlight of their year. Adding that extra touch with Halloween contact lenses or novelty contact lenses is the cherry on top of their spooky ensemble. However, there’s an important aspect of using these lenses that often gets overshadowed by the excitement – safety.

Leading optical institutions, such as Moorfields Eye Hospital and the General Optical Council (GOC), have been actively raising awareness about the potential dangers associated with using novelty contact lenses, particularly during the Halloween season and other festive occasions.

These institutions are urging party-goers to prioritise the safe use of cosmetic contact lenses, emphasising that a lack of caution can lead to serious eye injuries.

Statistics reveal a significant trend: around 21% of individuals aged 25-34 opt for these eye-catching lenses each year. However, what many might not realise is the inherent risks they pose. As Halloween approaches, A&E witness a noticeable spike in eye injuries directly related to the use of temporary, novelty lenses.

One of the primary concerns is that many of these lenses are readily available online or at fancy dress shops. Meaning they are often available without adequate guidance on proper usage, care and maintenance. As a result, individuals who purchase these lenses increase their risk of and eye injury. They’re less likely to be aware of the essential precautions they need to take to ensure their eye health and safety.

Remember to buy from trusted sellers.

Professionals in the field of optometry are echoing a crucial message: if you plan to wear Halloween contact lenses or novelty contact lenses, it’s imperative to seek guidance from a registered optician or medical professional. This simple step can make a significant difference in safeguarding your eyesight and preventing unnecessary harm.

Whilst they may be eye-catching!

What are the key safety tips to keep in mind when using novelty coloured contact lenses?

First and foremost, always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes or handling the lenses. This basic hygiene practice helps minimise the risk of transferring harmful bacteria to your eyes.

Additionally, it’s essential to remember that these lenses should not be worn while sleeping. This can lead to discomfort, increased risk of eye infections, and can potentially damage the eye.

Another crucial precaution is to ensure that your Halloween contact lenses or novelty contact lenses never come into contact with water. Water, whether from the tap or from a pool or lake, can introduce harmful microorganisms to your lenses. These microorganisms can then cause eye infections or other complications when the lenses are inserted into your eyes.

In conclusion:

Enjoying the fun and excitement of fancy dress parties like Halloween is something we all look forward to. However, it’s equally important to prioritise your eye health and safety when using Halloween contact lenses or novelty contact lenses. By following the advice of professionals, washing your hands diligently, removing your lenses before sleeping, and preventing water contact, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience without the risk of a painful trip to the hospital.

Incorporating these safety measures into your costume preparations will help you protect your eyes. So, go ahead, let your creativity shine, and have a spooky, safe, and unforgettable Halloween!



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