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Eye Tests at Whitby & Co with Eye Care Vouchers

Have you been given an eye care voucher from your employer? Whitby & Co is now pleased to be able to accept eye care vouchers for eye tests.

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How will Eyecare Vouchers benefit me?

Eyecare Vouchers are an easy way for employers to make sure you get the eye care you’re entitled to if you work on visual display units (VDUs) or drive for work purposes. They can also be used to cover paying for prescription safety spectacles.

Research shows that 70 per cent of employees have experienced blurred vision, headaches or migraines as a result of using a computer at work. Clearly, it’s important to look after your eyes – but a survey of UK workers shows that one in five has not had their eyes tested in five years. Eyecare vouchers are a way of helping you get the eye care you need quickly and conveniently.

Employer obligations

If you regularly use a VDU at work, your employer has an obligation to pay for your annual eye test and, in some cases, for your glasses.

Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulation 1992, you can ask employers to:

  • Pay for eye tests at regular intervals
  • Pay for glasses if they are specifically needed for VDU work


Edenred Eyecare voucher

How do Edenred Eyecare Vouchers work?

1. Your employer will give you your Eye examination vouchers either when you ask for them or automatically

2. You can then use them to cover the cost of a full eye test with Whitby & Co

3. The optician will keep a record of the test and give you a date for the next one

4. If you need glasses specifically for VDU work, your employer will give you a Spectacles voucher to cover the cost

5. You can then choose the pair of glasses you really want at Whitby & Co where Eyecare Vouchers are accepted

How much are Eyecare Vouchers worth?

Edenred Spectacle vouchers come in denominations of £10, £55 and £75. The £10 top-up vouchers can be used to cover special prescriptions, while the £75 vouchers can be used for bifocal or varifocal lenses.

The vouchers cover the cost of basic glasses, but if they don’t fully cover the cost of the pair you want, you can still use them and make up the difference.


Types of Vouchers

Eye examination vouchers

Employers are legally obliged to pay for eye tests for employees who use VDUs as part of their work.

The eye examination voucher covers the full cost of a complete eye and eyesight examination at over 96% of UK opticians

Certificate of recommendation

Once an employee has had their eye examination, a certificate of recommendation will be issued by Whitby & Co. The results determine whether you are eligible for a Spectacle voucher, specifically for VDU work.

8 reasons to get an eye test:

Ask any health professional and they’ll tell you regular eye tests can help prevent avoidable illnesses.

Here are eight reasons why you should get your eyes tested:

1. You only get one pair – and you can’t replace eyes once sight has gone

2. Eyes don’t always hurt if there’s something wrong

3. Potentially blinding conditions, like glaucoma, can be detected early in an eye test

4. Other health problems – for instance, diabetes or heart conditions – can be spotted in an eye exam

5. Early detection means a better chance of curing conditions

6. Healthy eyesight is fundamental to getting the most out of life

7. Poor eyesight is dangerous on the roads – if you drive you to have a legal standard of eyesight you have to meet

8. Regular examinations help ensure any correction you need is the best available


Minimise the effect of VDUs

There are simple steps that can be taken to prevent unnecessary strain and minimise the symptoms of screen fatigue. These include:-



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